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In a typical workday, everything can be going smoothly until a customer is furious at the cost of their bill and thinks they know more than you and the technician because they watch videos on YouTube. It's now 4:45 and you haven't even had time for a lunch break. How do you handle everything, keep a smile on your face and feel like life has not been sucked out of you? I have twenty years of experience in the automotive industry.

So, here is what I cover in my book:

  • Sell more work by educating the customer, not high-pressure sales tactics.

  • Ask customers better questions to get the correct description of the complaint for the Technician.

  • Understand a Technician's diagnosis and communicate it to the customer.

  • Handle customer objections.

  • Deal with shop conflict.

  • Properly create an estimate so that the customer feels supported.

  • Manage the technicians' time more effectively.

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