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Hello! I’m Coralee Zueff. I’m an award-winning master service advisor, public speaker, coach and an Amazon Bestseller writer. 


Being highly seasoned at what I do, I provide coaching and training to individual Service Advisors, Managers, Dealerships and Automotive Service Chains to communicate with their customers and technicians to increase approved work naturally and bring conflicts to rock bottom. 


Having exceptional communication skills helps me understand people's problems and develop effective solutions within no time. 


Parallel to this, I offer a free Breakthrough call to listen to what problems you are experiencing and put together a flow chart to get you out. 


As a public speaker, I do keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Virtual Events. Any subject related to Automotive Industry and Women in Trades is my “Zone of Genius”, and I guarantee that my topics are Captivating, Engaging and Inspiring. 


My sole purpose is to change the reputation of the automotive industry from ripping people off to educating them. 


When customers understand their vehicle repairs, they are more likely to proceed with work, thus having more safe vehicles on the road and helping you increase your profit. 


How I sell service is different from how most people teach it, and that’s why the Canadian Tire's service department was able to increase their wheel alignments and filter sales significantly. They were also able to sell their first Brake Fluid Flush.


I enjoy helping people learn about their vehicles. Through my unique training and experience in automotive sales and service, I developed an influencing way of speaking to customers and technicians to decrease conflict and increase profit. My services revolve around core values like 

honesty and integrity, and the reason for my success is that I approach and educate the customers; the sales inevitably come my way.


Life is short, so I love my work, but I also love having a good time with my family, so I scuba dive to 100+ feet and rock climb.

I also race in autocross and have won the novice and precision driver awards.

It’s not only cars that get my attention because I also love riding my motorcycle. 

And that’s precisely the achievement I deliver for my clients: health, peace of mind, more money and more fun! 

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