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Female Lecturer

As a public speaker, I have done Keynotes,
Panels, Workshops and Virtual Events.
Any subject related to Automotive Industry
and Women in Trades is my “Zone of Genius”.
I guarantee that my topics are Captivating, Engaging, 
and Inspiring; and that my information is delivered
logically. Each speaking engagement is customized
to match your
goals and the audience.


  • Guest speaker at Ted Ing’s Fixed Opps Roundtable -Dare to Dream.


  •  8-week customized training programs for service advisors over Zoom.


  • Women in Trades guest instructor for the day (North Island College, Campbell River) -1 day course with the same group of 18-30-year-old females.


  • One day Women In Trades Event for Grade 8 to 12 students (The Comox Valley Schools Careers Department) - 4 one-hour sessions.


The Fixed Ops Roundtable is where the automotive industry goes
to stay ahead of the curve, delivering an astonishing array of technology, experts, dealers, managers, education, marketing,
and networking opportunities, all carefully designed to make
a highly-targeted impact on the fixed operations business.

Advisor & Technician Segment:
During the Fixed Ops Roundtable Wild Wild West, Ted Ings hosted Coralee Zueff and
Marco Zwanenburg to discuss good communication between service advisors and technicians.
In this panel, we discuss common complaints and how they can be resolved.

Technology & Car Clinic Panel:
The technology and car clinic panel discusses all the benefits of inviting customers back
to the dealership and adequately introducing them to the service department. Coralee Zueff
made an excellent point to ask the advisors what are common questions they are
repeatedly asked and to bring them out at these clinics. Doing this will take some
stress off the advisors and help them use their time more efficiently.

Price Perception Panel:
In this Fixed Ops Roundtable Dare to Dream event, Coralee Zueff shares her experience
as an Independent Service Manager, and the top reasons customers leave the
dealership and will never return. You have to listen to discover these top 3 reasons! 


"Welcome to ASOTU’s Pitch Tank by Auto Genius! This is the fastest show in automotive

designed to help dealers better understand the partner and technology landscape.


Our industry partners will share their unique offerings while industry experts dive in

asking questions about technology, support, systems, and more! 


Each participant will get 3 minutes to deliver an audio

pitch that showcases the best they have to offer.


The pitch will be followed by a series of Q&A with our moderators

and scores rating the pitch and product on a scale of 1-5.


A winner will be crowned and brought back to compete in a monthly tournament.

What’s on the line? Pride, podcasts, and potential deals.

This action-packed audio event is designed to help you maximize your time

and find potential collaborators in the automotive industry."

For Pitch Tank, Coralee will be competing against  two
worthy opponents and share why service advisor training is
crucial to keeping customers in the Dealership space.

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