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Coralee Zueff’s industry leading,
best selling book
“Five Star Service Advisor ''
is now an eight-week online course to help you…

  • Boost sales of routine maintenance items like air and cabin filters, wheel alignments, wiper blades, batteries, and brake fluid flushes.

  • Gather details from customers about their vehicle concerns to facilitate       a swift and accurate diagnosis by our technicians. 

  • Optimize technician efficiency by strategically scheduling appointments for maximum productivity.

  • Receive glowing reviews and surveys from happy, satisfied customers.

  • Resolve issues by considering the viewpoints of owners, customers, and colleagues to prevent future problems.


Clients who have worked 1 on 1 with me, invest THOUSANDS
of dollars and virtually all of them recoup their initial investment
well before completing the program.

All that practical knowledge is now available to YOU for a FRACTION of the price!

"Five Star Service Advisor '' is based on Coralee Zueff's best
selling book with the same title. The program covers
everything from the initial phone call to handling conflict.

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A few of the lessons we will cover:



Scheduling Appointments

Creating Estimates

Before getting into the “how tos”  we need to understand
why we got into automotive, find out what brings us joy,
uncover any stumbling blocks or fears that could
get in our way and create goals.

This is the foundation to make sure our technicians' time is being used
as efficiently as possible. There is a balance between being too busy
and not having enough appointments. The key to shop success
is to keep the technicians busy but not overwhelmed. 

In a class of 30 people, not one service advisor would
create the same estimate (I believe these are a work of art).
We will discuss different types of estimates and appropriate times
to present them so the customer's answer is “go ahead”.


Explaining Repairs and Maintenance

Educating the customer is VITAL to the customer approving

work and avoiding any “buyers regret”. Instead, they will

be “free advertisement” for you and the business.


Case Studies and Interviews

 Case studies from real life (non Karen’s) customers and
why they chose not to return to a shop. Some of the experts who
have been interviewed are John Tripp, a Licensed Technician/Shop Owner
and DeShena Woodward, a Financial Freedom Coach.


Purchase "Five Star Service Advisor" for your team.

What could be better than one team member improving their skills?!?

The WHOLE team improving in leaps and bounds. Make it fun by setting up

weekly and monthly challenges. PLUS learning new skills as

a group adds an extra layer of reinforcement.


Click the link below and let us know who

many participants, for a group discount.

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