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How annoyed does it make you when a grown man comes in and asks you to check his tire pressure? So aggravating! You are usually in the middle of creating a time-sensitive estimate. According to the rubber manufacturers association, only ⅙ vehicles on the road have properly inflated tires and only 15% of drivers know how to properly check their tires. In this blog, I show you how to keep these people from constantly interrupting your day.

Ahoy me Hearties! Welcome to my blog! My name is Coralee! I am a master service advisor and coach who helps people in the automotive industry to decrease conflict and increase profit! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to learn a lot of tips to make your job easier! So, now let’s go ahead and show you what to do when a customer interrupts you.

Let's think of these customers as little kids who can not tie their shoes.

Rather than keep doing it for them, what should we do? Let’s show them how it’s done.

First, let's ask them if they have their own gauge in the vehicle. If not, keep a few styles at your counter and quickly show the customer and let them know the price points. Next, grab your little portable compressor to bring out to the vehicle.On the way out you can ask them if they know what the tire pressure should be. When you get to the vehicle, have them open the drivers and show them where the badge is with this information and have them read it out loud to you. In my training program we focus on educating and empowering the customer and then the sales happen rather than focusing on only dollar signs and making the sale.

Show them how to take the valve stem cap off and put the gauge on the tire. Readout what it says and show them. Next give them the gauge and have them check the rest.

Adjust the tire pressure as needed.

I know you're probably wondering why the portable compressor.

Using the portable compressor has lots of benefits:

  1. You do not need to interrupt the technicians in the shop to borrow an airline.

  2. if you sell portable compressors this will increase sales.

  3. This empowers the customer to be able to do this on their own and you show them the tools they need.

When is this not appropriate?

If it’s obvious the person is in a hurry and will not appreciate the lesson.

When you are asking them if they have their own gauge at the beginning they will give you clues.

They may be a parent with screaming kids or in a hurry to get to work.

They may also not be dressed appropriately to bend over and check or not physically able.

Tell them next time you will show them how to do it themselves and make a note in your computer system.

Would you like customers to understand their vehicle's maintenance and have them approve it?

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